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    I'm Lauriann Wakefield, and through photography, I help vacationers at Bear Lake express their love and connection with this beautiful place. I serve family clients in the Bear Lake Utah, Logan, and occasionally in the Utah County areas. My work can be described as editorial, with complimentary composition and beautiful light. Please contact me for information or to book a session. You can also contact me through Facebook.

Ice shards

Two years ago at Bear Lake, the weather was unusually warm for March.  We took a drive around the lake and stopped on the east side to watch the sunset.  Most of the snow had melted, but we were fascinated by the piles of ice at the shoreline, like magnets pulling at my kids to explore.  We soon realized the mounds were unusual ice formations.  Every bit of ice broke apart into straw like shards, or needles about 3-4 inches long.  I had never seen anything like it.   And as you can image we couldn’t resist breaking them apart.   I’m assuming these were what was left from the ice sheets that freeze over the lake.
I hope you’re persuaded that even in the winter months, Bear Lake is worth exploring and discovering.
Get your boots on, and get out there!







Photo-a-day | Day 31

Day 31.
The last day of my project and I wanted to end in the mountains.

Who knew the mountains would have such a place in my heart.  They speak my language in all their changing colors, and I love sharing and exploring them with my boys.

So I end my project in one of my favorite settings among the pines and snow with some of my favorite mountain quotes.

know the secrets
we need to learn.
That it might take time,
it might be hard,
but if you just
hold on
long enough,
you will find the strength
to rise up.”
–  Tyler Knott Gregson


“Although I do love the oceans,
deserts, and other wild landscapes,
it is only mountains
that beckon me with the sort of
painful magnetic pull to walk deeper
and deeper into their beauty.
They keep me continuously
wanting to know
more, feel more, see more.
To become more.”
–  Victoria Erickson


“I go to nature
to be soothed and healed,
and to have my senses
put in order”
~ john burroughs


“I love you to the mountain and back.”


“Of all
the paths
you take in life,
make sure
a few of them
are dirt.”


Thank you for your sweet comments and for following along.

(I can totally see a family session here.)




Photo-a-day | Day 30

Day 30.

The mountains called,
and we are here.


{Photo-a-Day Project: A project I undertake every year for an entire month to share one photo a day of my boys.}