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I wish I had a video camera {Utah County Child Photography}

…because this girl was pure delight.  I bought this Froo Froo and have been dying for a little girl photo shoot to play dress up.  So, you can just imagine Aubrielle’s face when I pulled it out for her to try on. She knew exactly what it was for- twirling, jumping, and giggling. More to…

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  • Bridget

    Oh Laur! Where did you find that skirt?! Those pictures bring back sooo many memories. They are so cute!

  • I got it at this cute little site called When I saw the red one, I just had to have it.

  • Sue

    OK….I’m really biased because Aubree Sue is my niece, but I think these photos are absolutely amazing!! Beautiful photos Laurie and it’s so nice to see my niece on your website, especially from Wisconsin!

  • Bridget

    I just checked out fabbygabby, and it is sooooooo cute! I hope either your or Brittany has a girl!!! 🙂

  • Okay so I am crying they are so adorable. Thank you sooooo much. By far the best pictures we have ever had.

  • Oh my gosh these pictures are darling and I MUST get a froo froo!!!

Sweet, sweet baby. {Utah County Baby Photography}

  This is sweet little Avva.      

  • Bridget

    What a cute little diaper cover!!

  • Bridget

    OH mygoodness, those are all so precious. I love the one where she’s yawning, and the one where she’s snuggling here mommy, and the one where it looks like they’re playing on the couch together. You just do such an awesome job at capturing moments.