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snuggle lap sleeper

Jack is two months old tomorrow, and I still don’t seem to get much done in a day.  It may only seem like I do with all the keeping up on posts and photo editing.  You see, it’s only because Jack will sleep longer for his naps if he is snuggly on my lap.  The…

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  • I can’t believe how big Jack is! 🙂 You know, Boston still isn’t very good at going to sleep on his own, but Dev and I still love having him sleep with us. Sometimes he’ll be sound asleep in his own room and Dev will go get him just because we miss our little snuggle bug. I figure he’s only little for so long, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can. 🙂 He might not be the “best” sleeper (meaning that he still likes the comfort of knowing mom and dad are close by), but there are worse things to worry about, and I know he knows he is loved.

Biggest sale yet!

I just got my biggest sale yet on Etsy!  Someone in Switzerland ordered 18 prints.  Now I’m just dying for Spring to get here to head out with my camera.

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  • Awesome- congratulations!!! Did they say what they’re going to do with them all? Anyway, way to go!

  • I am not surprised… tell me something that I don’t know ;o)
    Putting all those prints together like that is marvelous… they ooze an aroma through the colors.

  • Becky Osmond

    Hey Lauri…your little Jack is getting so big. He is adorable, and oh, so chubby. The bottles everywhere, I totally experienced that. You’ll love when one surprises you, rolled under the couch and all spoiled and crusty. Such a pleasant aroma.

Proof that Jack has changed our lives

How can someone only two feet long thoroughly turn my world over. It’s been almost eight weeks, and I still marvel that I’m not driving into work every day.  I’m not wearing jeans anymore.  I’m not eating out for lunch.  Actually, I hardly go anywhere.  I’m dying to see the movie Juno, but have to…

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  • Superman

    Now that’s both funny and cute!

Why I blog.

I‘m still amazed that there’s still people that ask, “what’s a blog?” and “Why do you write one?”  So, here’s my attempt to explain, why this is important to me. I’ve always had a desire to keep a record of my life, especially a photographic record. Not for some grand, noble reason.  It’s just that…

  • Exactly. There are programs out there that suck your blog writings and pictures then print and book-bind for a reasonable price! SOOO much easier than handwriting it all, I say.

  • wendolyn

    I loved your comments about blogging and I love your pictures. thank you. wendolyn

It’s still awkward

Even after adopting a baby, it’s still awkward to mingle with a group of women at a baby shower.  I still find myself with nothing to add to the conversations of delivery stories, freaked out husbands and pregnancy woes. I can never comment that we’re trying to have another baby.  As if I could somehow…

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  • Shauna

    I’m sorry baby showers are still wierd and awkward, it’s definitely a lousy feeling. You should have been at the baby shower I went to last night- no talk about pregnancy or birth, but TONS of talk about little baby boys- you would have had lots to say!

  • I love how you can share those inner feelings so freely. I am not able to do that…and it is so meaningful to look through that little window to your soul. You see, it teaches and helps me understand more about many others I know…even some in my own family! Thank You!

  • So appreciative of you sharing these feelings. It’s an eye-opener that we should be careful about how we carry on conversations. Personally, I’d rather NOT talk about the details about being pregnant, giving birth and recouperating because it was NO fun. Please take this the way I intend… not to cause you pain but to show you another perspective: I’m a little jealous of you for keeping your figure, not having to feel possessed by another being that’s making your body react unpredictably, being able to love and care for a newborn without the struggles of having your body heal from the labor, birth and after-effects and avoiding the baggy skin, stretch marks and growing shoe size (9 in school, 10 with Jack and 11 with Piper… I remain an 11, which is a hard shoe size to find). Here’s to hoping the awkwardness subsides and you’re able to respond to these conversations with peace knowing that you’re a mother to a beautiful baby boy, no matter the path it took him to get where he belongs.
    [virtual hug]