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Etsy Wednesday {fisher price}

I was asking my mom the other day about whatever happened to all the Fisher Price toys we use to play with.  Like the barn that moos when you open the door. Or the Castle with it’s secret area behind the stairs.  Or the Merry Go Round and the Ferris Wheel.  Or the School with…

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  • Saren

    Ha! We have those too! I loved those when I was little!!!

  • Sara

    My mom is a packrat and she still has the house, barn, castle, schoolhouse and hospital. My son and my niece and nephew love to play with them when they go to visit. All the little people are wood too, not the plastic ones.

  • Cathy Kimball

    I LOVED the castle with the secret are behind the stairs. When I played with my BFF, Jill, I always made her play with the weeble wobble house and I ALWAYS had the castle. I was a little bossy!

  • Britt

    So very much makes me want to go back to Grandma’s, spread out the green’town’ and play! 🙂

The Gardens haven’t looked sweeter

Another successful shoot at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens where we could roam and explore.  I first photographed Max over a year ago and I love that I got a chance to photograph him again.  I can’t wait to show his parents.  🙂 Can you see the rain drops? And I’m so bummed that I missed…

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  • Heather Keele

    I absolutely love them!! I was so excited to see them when I checked your blog this morning. You really are the best at what you do – you totally captured his personality. I especially love the b&w one by the ark and the one of him peeking from behind the door.

  • Susie Deegan

    SO cute!! Oh, I can’t wait to schedule a session with you. I’m so excited.

  • Saren

    I love the noahs ark pictures. The Water Gardens is a great place to pictures!

  • Kevin Keele

    These are breathtaking. Everyone I show them to is so impressed by your ability to capture moments and personality. You’re awesome.

  • What a fabulous set of images! Can’t see a one that a parent wouldn’t be thrilled to have!

  • some of the most beautiful pics ever!!! do you agree??
    I would like to email you- how?

Sweet fairy tale {Utah County Baby Photography}

We did this photo shoot in this little girl’s charming room. Decorated by her mom in little girl vintage with lots of pinks.  The perfect location for a girly shoot in a home full of boys. I’m going to stop here, and save the rest for her mommy.  Love ya Sheena!

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  • Lauri, these pictures are just beautiful. Makes me wish I had a girl. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh how adorable! Makes me wish I had a girl too. Those look like they are straight out of a magazine. I LOVE the one that’s third from the bottom. So cute!

  • I just joined clickinmoms and came upon this picture first…the one with fairytales at the top. OH MY GOSH! I am in love! I’m an amateur, just really started taking notice in the last year or better, but these pictures of this darling little girl are THE absolute BEST!!!

Missionary number 3

Yes, it’s exciting times!  I have another nephew getting ready for his mission.  Missionary number 1 is going to Tokyo, Japan.  Missionary number 2 is going to Portland, Oregon.  My prediction is that Missionary number 3 will go to South Africa.  We’ll know in about 4 weeks.  🙂  And on a fun side note.  Bo…

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  • Cathy Kimball

    He does look like Prince Harry. Can’t wait to read the article.

  • Pam Lee

    Hi Lauri and Perry, Little Jack is just adorable and it has been fun to see all the pictures of him while growing in your home. I couldn’t be happier for you two and the joy of having a child is just beginning. Love to you both