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Temple day

I want to remember how it hurt to leave Jack behind.  He was too sick to come.   I want to remember how calm and peaceful the day was.  I want to remember how bright the Bride’s Room glowed and how I shared it with a bride that day.  I want to remember how quiet…

  • Jason Crowther

    Congratulations to your family. I enjoy looking here and there at your blog and this post was comment worthy! Two cute boys like us:)

  • What an awesome day. so happy for you guys.

  • What a special day. I am glad you said the crying most likely put a smile on anyone’s face that heard it. So so so true. Witnessing or knowing that a sealing is happening is an uplifting thought.

  • Heather

    I’m so happy for you. That post totally teared me up — especially at the part about hearing a baby crying in the temple. You’re totally right – it would have made me smile. What an awesome experience!

  • so happy for you guys!!!

  • nicole

    Congrats, cant wait till we get there in a few months. Made me cry.

  • Sandy Rushton

    You both look so truly happy!!! Brings back memories of when we sealed our 2 adopted kids to us. Congratulations! There’s nothing greater than a forever family!

  • daddy of 2

    Beautifully expressed! Reading your post brought me back to that moment and the peace and pure joy I felt. It sure was nice to take a few minutes to read this and feel that peace again in an otherwise hectic work day. Thanks for posting that, Honey! I love you and miss you tons!!!

  • What I love is how Perry is looking at you! What a beautiful post!

  • Pam Lee

    that was so well written and so sweet

  • Holly Nielsen

    Thank you so much for sharing your feelings from the temple. It reminded me of the day that Josie & Jordan were sealed to us. It was such a sweet and tender moment when our “four” kids walked into the sealing room together. What a wonderful blessing adoption is. I never would have expected that we would have that opportunity, but the Lord works in myterious ways, and sometimes our prayers are answered quite differently than what we would have ever expected. I am so thrilled for you and Perry.

  • Awesome! So exciting!

Baby Blue

Baby’s got blue eyes. And he’s teething too. Trampoline hair. Scott, You’ve just started laughing and you’re extra ticklish.  Even changing your clothes makes you squirm with smiles. I love how you coax and let me know you’re tired.  You’ve learned to put yourself asleep, as all I have to do is lay you down…

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  • Holly

    Awwwww! So cute. I love to hear about you enjoying your boys.

  • omg! the trampoline hair is soo cute!!!

  • daddy of 2

    Seeing these pictures sure is helping me survive my time down here by myself. I sure do miss those boys! And I absolutely LOVE his trampoline hair! We are sure lucky to have 2 gorgeous boys!!!