2015 “photo a day” project | Day 1

It’s day one!  and time to start my favorite project.   A photo a day of my kids with the intent to record the little things about them that I want to remember.  I’ve been looking forward to this project since the summer when I was too busy to think beyond what had to be done.

I love purposefully focusing on them and the challenge to  be more aware.  Some days are hard, and some days I struggle, but when I look back through past January projects, I am in love with each and every photo.

Thank you for sharing this January project with me.

(And if it’s not completely obvious, the boys are spelling out 2015 with fingers.)


Long term- this will be the year of…
My baby going to Kindergarten
which means I get to go shopping by myself!!  or go to the Temple more often.
My oldest gets baptized.
…discovering the old me, revisiting the things I used to do before I took care of these most precious kids.
…painting, painting, painting and seeing where it takes me.
…having the best summer yet for my photography business.
…loving every minute with my young women.

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