5 months

Our life in little moments.


He is growing so fast.  Faster than I remember Jack growing.  But Jack was my first, and every waking minute was spent marveling at him and his existence.  Time was slow back then.   I could rock him for hours and watch him sleep.

I can’t be slow now.  I’ve got a curious toddler to keep track of, and right now he’s in his loud phase.  I keep reminding myself to slow down and marvel Scott’s existence and who he is.

Today Scott caught the giggles, and just looking at him set him off.  So I slowed, and became his giggle maker.  With my camera to the side, we were smiling face to face, and I wished he could be 5 months old for 5 more months.



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  • Holly

    Sounds fun. I miss those happy baby days too! They grow way too fast.

  • Ananda

    That last shot is so precious and such a lovely view. It draws you right in to cute little Scott.

  • Edibly sweet!