6 more days

Six more days and I find out if we get a boy or girl!  And even better for me as an adoptive mom, I get to be there too!  I’ve never witnessed an ultrasound before.  Seeing the movement, catching a glimpse of this little life.  I can’t wait.

I’ve been dying to know since we first found out about the pregnancy in July.  And what a long wait it’s been.  I decided I NEED to know the gender of this baby.  My soul needs this.
Knowing if it’s a girl, or a boy, and to pick a name, will make it more real to me.    I’m not pregnant.  A baby doesn’t grow with me making it a physical realness.
What I can do is think about an identity, a name, and then I can clearly picture what our life will be like together.
Check back soon for an update!



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  • Britt

    Miss you! Can’t wait to see you! Love Britt – ps, I’m sooo happy for you!

  • What an exciting time! What a wonderful blessing for you, your family and this growing baby. Let’s just be all superficial for a minute. That is the CUTEST bedding I have every seen! Sorry, couldn’t help that :)!

  • Deanna Vandeveer

    I can’t wait to hear how it all goes!!

  • Beth

    I am so excited to hear if we will have a niece or a nephew either one I am excited