I'm a full time family and wedding photographer based out of Bear Lake. I love everything about living in the Utah mountains- the pine trees, the trails, the seasons. Yes, even the snow. I'm married to the best man who understands my need for the beautiful outdoors. Together we take our boys on adventures, and have no problem getting dirty, sandy or wet.
I've had a camera glued to my hand since elementary school, and can never take enough pictures. I've explored various types of subjects, but I've found that photographing families, especially in beautiful settings, make my heart sing. I love the laughter between siblings and their inside jokes. I love seeing grandparents overcome with emotion because "everyone is together". I love a large group of cousins giving a group hug full of smiles. And I love two parents holding each other close. So many times I come away from these sessions just so grateful for family and memories and time together.
I love casual pictures, like playing in the water or a big group squeeze. But I also understand the desire for formal group photos. With me you can get both. When I'm photographing your family, I will try to get those genuine smiles, and explore the sibling interactions that make us all laugh, and groupings that make grandma say, "I'm so glad we did this". Its true, there's a crier in almost every session, but sometimes it's the parent's tears overflowing with love.
If this sounds like something you want for your family when you come to Bear Lake, shoot me an email and we can make some plans!

5 reasons to hire me

I’m a college graduate with a Fine Art degree.  I worked for Disney as one of their lead animators for video games and understand professionalism.  I’m an award winning painter.  I know the ins and outs of Photoshop and use it as a tool to enhance my photos.
When you hire me, you’re not getting a hobbyist who likes taking pictures. You’re hiring an artist passionate about creating art.

I’m patient. I love kids, and I embrace the joy of childhood.

I love photographing the happiness in family life. Be it a mom and dad with their newborn, or a multi-generational family vacationing together. I want to photograph and document your family.

I am confident and efficient in directing large multi-family groups.

I’m constantly researching and improving my skills.  I’m always on the lookout for unique locations, and my camera gear is at the professional level.

Contact Lauri at starlingphotos@gmail.com | Bio Photo credit- Maci Bingham