Bear Lake and Beehive Stories

I was interviewed this weekend by two BYU Media Arts students making a documentary for Beehive Stories. 

Beehive Stories is a regional Emmy award-winning series that explores everyday Utahns in short documentaries—one for each county and national park in Utah.

I had a blast sharing what makes Bear Lake so unique.  But the one question they asked me that I feel I just didn’t do justice was why do I feel that Garden City is a great place to raise my boys.  I wish I would have said that I love what they can learn as we explore.  I love all the undeveloped land in abundance.  I love where there are no fences or barriers.  I love that we can find birds nests in the aspens, that we can bring home magic rocks, and collect perfect sticks, and buckets of sand.   I love following animal tracks and helping my boys guess what animal they  belong too.  Scotty is convinced that some dinosaur left tracks on our patio. I love all the variety of birds and wildlife we see from our home.  I love that my boy’s area to play outside is vast.  And I love that I can teach them the beauty found in nature.
They will remember just how much their mom loved this place.

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