Weekend plans

Weekend camping plans always start on the road.  We left the blue of the north for the red of the south.
On our way, we passed my favorite mountain range.
Might Timpanogos.

But our final destination was Moab, the red rock of the south.

My only regret was not having more family photos taken.
Perry and I are long time Moab campers, and we are thrilled to bring our kids here and see them fall in love too.


“I’m the star of rock climbing.”    -Scotty


Me-  “Is this the biggest sandbox?”

Scotty-  “Yes, I want to live here.”


My favorite spot-  The Catacombs.
And the perfect spot for lunch, an egg hunt, and a rest.


“Chicken Corners”

A passing traveler told us to squeeze the chicken as we pass.  And me, a little afraid of heights, understood why it was called Chicken Corners.

Our camping mornings were pretty cold, but I’m a believer that a little bit of suffering is good for kids.

After all, throughout time most of humanity has suffered in the cold.

 Good Bye Moab,  until next time.


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