Allen Family {Bear Lake Photographer}

One of the many things I love about Bear Lake is
that this is a place families gather.
Everywhere I go, I see groups of families with smiles, enjoying each other.   And for many of these families, it is one of the few times they are all at one place at the same time.

Such it was with this family, that had come from several states to share adventures for a week in Bear Lake.   They brought numbered shirts to illustrate how many grandkids they have and counting.  They will celebrate two birthdays together.   They will make memories crammed full of love and conversation because there will be a day when memories are all that is left.
“Vacations are more than vacations… Vacations are the act of grabbing minutes and hours and days with both hands, stealing against the inevitability of time.”  -Cold Tangerines

And there’s my plug for getting your pictures taken together.  And a reminder that I need to do likewise with my family too!