Photo-a-day | Day 9

Day 9.

Jack asked my, “Why do Scotty and I look so different.  We come from the same person!”
My boys understand very well that they have the same birth mom.  We love her and talk about her often.  They know they grew in her tummy, and that Scotty looks like her the most, but also that Jack has characteristics of his birth grandma.  All things we celebrate.

But I haven’t mentioned much about their birth fathers and how they fit in the process, (try explaining how sex works to a 5 year old who likes to tell everyone all the things he knows).  We just didn’t bring it up.
Plus we’ve never met them and have no intention to meet them in the future.  They had no contribution to our adoption process.

So it was time we started the discussion on who their birth father’s are and how they can inherit certain looks from them as well.
Their attention didn’t last long on the subject, which I was kind of glad about.  I don’t want them to feel confused.  I reminded them that dad is their real father because he takes care of them and all the cool dad stuff he does.


{Photo-a-Day Project: A project I do every year for an entire month to share one photo a day of my boys.}