“I never want to do this again!”  I’m sure I’ve said it every time we’ve moved.   But this time feels so much more overwhelming.  Doesn’t help that I have two babies to take care of amongst all the chaos of packing and unpacking.  And the daily tasks still need to be done.  Washing clothes, washing bottles, washing bodies.  Words like struggle, heavy, stretched thin, come to mind.

But I do have to admit I’m enjoying the decorating challenge.  Deciding what pictures go where, what to display, and we couldn’t have picked a better house that is my style.  Everything is fitting perfectly.  I’m pulling out pictures we’ve had in storage over a year.    All the little parts of my old life in Utah and I’m enjoying seeing them again.

One project I’m putting together is inspired by this blue frame I found a few months ago.  And since I have a huge wall to fill, I want two large vertical portraits of my boys against a blue wall.  They’ll go over our bed.  And I love that they’ll be there to smile back at me when the bedroom door is open.  Now I just need to shoot the perfect pictures.




Here’s from my first attempt.  There was a little too much sun.  I’m hoping to try again on a cloudy day.  And I think Perry took better pictures than me.  I’ve got to try again.  🙂


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