The story behind the painting


IMG_3609_SMBear Lake Cove
oil on panel

(view of  Bear Lake from the east side)

If you are planning a trip to Bear Lake and have never made the drive around it, I highly suggest taking the road trip.  Bear Lake from the remote east side is one of my favorite views.  You will see the larger west mountains and all their pine trees and canyons.  Those mountains with the lake are especially beautiful in the fall.  Also,the lake is in full view pretty much the whole distance.  Unlike the west stretch where much of the view is blocked by homes and trees/bushes.   While driving through Garden City and Fish Haven, there are few spots where you can get a good view of the lake.
The other unique thing about Bear Lake is how long it stretches between Utah and Idaho.  It is 18.33 miles and quite often you will see a storm on one end, and sunny on the other.  I love seeing storms rolls in over the lake.   My best guess is to plan an hour to drive around the lake.  And take many stops along the way to enjoy the view.

This painting is from reference I took during a drive around the lake on a stormy day.   Rain was hitting the distant mountains.  And on some stormy days, the lake’s color just glows.   The east side stretch isn’t flat, it curves and winds and offers some beautiful views of the lake.

This painting has sold but you can purchase prints through my Etsy Shop.




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