Story behind the painting


“Winter at The Reserve”
oil on panel board

I took this picture two years ago during a family photo session at The Reserve at Bear Lake.  It was warm day for November and I was walking around waiting for my clients to show.
What caught my eye first was the reflection of the blue sky in the water in what looked like either a ditch or tractor grooves.   The ground was covered with a light dusting of snow, on the verge of melting away.  It has been on my radar these past two years as something I wanted to paint.

In nature, I find I am drawn to water and reflections, and the colors in reflections.   As it is, water is generally clear.  But in paintings, it is a color.  And how fun is it to paint colorful water.


2015-11-02 14.22

I started with a small charcoal sketch that focuses on large shapes and 3-5 values.  Next I toned the canvas.  Toning the surface gets rid of the white blankness and gives you an established middle value.   I chose a yellow ochre to give the painting some underlying warmth.

2015-11-04 18.08


I’ve decided to spend some time this year painting water.  I’ve been all over Logan Canyon and of course, Bear Lake taking pictures of water and reflections.

Now you know the story behind the painting.


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