I love watching cousins interact.  I smile to see them during imaginative play.  And I love that age doesn’t matter, like seeing grown up cousins cuddle baby cousins.   I don’t think they knew I was watching and wishing.  And realizing our time together is more special because it’s now scarce.










Enjoying Holly’s famous Mint Chocolate Brownies.   You can easily down 7 in a day.




Brittany, I love your hands.





Kazeden, the baby that made my brother a grandpa.



Scott and Kazeden.



Chasse- I love seeing you be a daddy.





Getting ready for fireworks.

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  • Bridget

    It’s hard to describe how much I love this post! I love our family so much! That picture of Brittany and Scott is so so precious. I love how much fun Jack and Tagg had together, and I can’t wait for them to be able to play again, I love seeing them love each other! And Jack was so fearless on the slip n’ slide, I can’t wait to do that again too!… and fireworks together. Goodness I love the 4th! The pic of us and ‘lil Roo is so special to us. Thank you! Love you! Miss you!

  • Holly

    Amazing pictures. You are just so talented and have a way of capturing the moment. Thanks for sharing! Love you and miss you too!

  • I know you hear this a ll the time but you are so talented! Beautiful pictures. 🙂