Fall family photos

I finally get to update our family photo on the wall.
Yes, the one where I have blond hair, which puzzles people who didn’t know me then and do a double take.  I feel dark hair suits me and I love it.
We waited for the perfect colorful day up in the mountains.  I’m in love with what my niece , Saren, did for us, and so grateful she would come all the way north to these lovely Cache Valley mountains.
My heart loves having another photographer in the family!


What To Wear-  my thought process.
I didn’t  conscientiously do it, but it turns out I chose a red-yellow-blue color scheme.  And if you came to my house, you’d see that my decor turns out that way too.
Like I tell my clients, I started with the girl’s outfit, which was mine.  I chose a light shirt knowing it would photograph well amongst the trees.  I also knew I wanted to wear my jeans and winter boots.  So with that as my base, I went to the boy’s closets.
Jack looks great in turquoise and I knew it would look great with the yellow fall colors.  That got me to pull out my turquoise bracelet and yellow-turquoise necklace for me.  I wanted the boys to wear jackets, and that led me to pick Jack’s red one.  ( but as young kids are- he had strong opinions that it should be zipped all the way up.)
Scott had a cute blue shirt, and I chose his brown pants to go with my brown boots.  I first had everyone in blue jeans, but changed Scott and Perry to have brown pants.  Scott ended up not wearing a jacket after all, as he didn’t want to wear one.  (again, pick your battles, right?)
And like I tell my clients again, I put Perry in a low key plain shirt, and my man always looks good in black.
There you have it!

Now the fun part of filling my house with new prints!

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  • BridgetSeptember 27, 2012 - 7:29 pm

    These are so precious Lauri! And you are just beautiful!! Such a sweet, good looking family!

  • MOM HENRIKSENOctober 3, 2012 - 1:58 pm

    Wow! Those pictures are awesome! What a beautiful family! Of course I’m not prejudiced. Just truthful. Thanks for sharing your family pictures and the beautiful scenry. What a great place to live. Love forever, Mom