Family Reunion in Bear Lake

It’s getting close to reunion time in Bear Lake, and I am already getting July days booked, and also receiving inquiries about August.  If you’re on the fence on whether to hire a photographer or have a family member photograph your family, might I suggest the benefits of hiring a local.

She will be the most familiar with locations perfect for large family sessions, and will know what time of day works best for those locations.   She may even have access to private spots not available to the public.  I have a handful of private properties around Bear Lake that I have permission to bring families for photos.

Another reason to hire a photographer is that they are used to posing and directing families, especially children.  A photographer will have suggestions on how to stand the most flattering, and will arrange your group in a balanced, pleasing composition.

A local photographer will also be aware of the popular rental cabins, and if your cabin makes a great spot to have a session.  The beach photo below was taken on the beach just below the Grizzly Bear Cabin.  It was easy for this large group to gather and have some beautiful shots on the beach.  And because there are no homes near by, we had the beach to ourselves.


Here are some of my favorite moments from last summer:

This was one of my largest families I met with.  One of the sisters wanted a jump photo.  I love when a family wants something fun.

This family had the best uncle.  He made us laugh the whole time.  And while photographing these grandkids, he was doing cartwheels behind me.


Even though I specialize in large families and formal groupings, I love a chance to tell a story with your family and break away from posing portraits.  This mini family session has been one of my favorites.


I’ll never forget this moment when I asked the grandkids to squish hug their grandma and grandpa.
And the moment when this grandma got teary eyed.

This moment was another  favorite.  The young couple on the right wanted to surprise the whole family about their pregnancy by showing the ultrasound photo in a group shot.
This family showed so much love, it was a pleasure to meet and photograph their special time together.

I meet so many wonderful families that give me the privilege to document how their families are right now.   Many tell me of future changes, like missions and babies.  Many tell me they haven’t been all together in years.  And many come from all over the country to be together at Bear Lake.
I love seeing sibling laugh together.  I love meeting proud grandparents with all their children gathered.
I leave each session with the deep impression that family love is what makes life so valuable.

I’m looking forward to meeting my 2015 families.