Flashback Friday

Jack has this thing about going to sleep with a blanket over his eyes.  And I know with what most mothers eventually come to, you go with what ever works.  🙂
But that's not what I wanted to mention here. This quilt  I made years, and years ago out of old pants my mom had saved, came from a box of boy clothes probably 30 years saved.  Pretty much every pair had patches over the knees.  Little evidence of active boys and a mother's desire to make their clothes last. 
And how fun it was to discover a photo of my brother with those funky plaid pants on.  The same pair from my quilt. 

So thank you mom, for saving these pants so I could re-purpose them into a quilt, which I use all the time at parks, and ball games, and picnics and sleepy time for Jack.
1974 abt-

Photo about 1974.

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  • jenny millerJune 20, 2008 - 11:15 am

    Love those pants!! I can’t wait to see what our kids make fun of us putting them in! Love all the new posts…I haven’t checked in for a while! So happy that your adoption is final. Best of luck tomorrow….I’ll be thinking of you!