Flashback Friday

I just love this photo of my older siblings.  It's before me and my other sister were born, taken about 1971 at the construction site of our home. 
The picture says so much to me.  I see my four brothers, and I see them as kids, yet I can see their adult faces too.   And since I was the last to join this family, I didn't really know my brothers as boys.    I also see their own kids in those faces too. They each have a son that carries on the resemblance.
I see active boys with worn pants that aren't fitting growing legs much more, and I wonder what it was like for my mom to mother these kids.
I also like imagining what my oldest sister was like as a kid.  We're six years apart and by the time I was old enough to recall memories, she was all teenagery and such. I do remember running around outside with my siblings playing hide and seek at dusk in the summer yard and smelling like peppermint after hiding in mom's garden.  I remember loving to be included in their play, but I also remember when all too soon they became too old to care for that sort of play. 
And that's what it's like for me as the youngest in a big family.  There's family life and shared memories that I have no idea about. They are my family, yet here they are as strangers as I peak into their childhood life.
1971- Holly, Dana, Russ, Bruce & Doug

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  • BridgetJune 6, 2008 - 7:12 pm

    “teenagery and such” LOL!!! 🙂
    I LOVE your flashback Fridays. 🙂 I love our family and these pictures always give me warm fuzzies. One of these days I want to come up and reminisce with you. And boy, Holly is adorable! How in the world did Grandma do it?