Alisa + Sam | Logan Canyon Bear Lake Engagements

Engagement shoots are such a highlight for me and are so fun.  Usually they are giggly and happy to be cuddling, and will pretty much do anything I ask.

As you can see, these two had plenty of laughs and smiles together which makes my job super easy.  I’m looking forward to their June wedding, and to when it will be warmer.  🙂

Congratulations to Alisa and Sam!

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The Conk Family | Logan Utah Canyon

Chasing snow storms for family pictures.
We’ve been waiting months for a good snow storm and thought it just might not happen this season.  Then bam! winter decided to hit Bear Lake.  Pictures went fantastic, and we got to help a lady who had her car stuck in the snow.

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What to wear | Multi-family sessions

What to wear-
I know this is a big challenge with multi-family groups.  With 20+ people to coordinate, the task can be daunting.  These are my suggestions for multi-groups, as I’ve met over 100 groups over the past years here at Bear Lake and have made some observations.

Definitely give your family some guidelines. When a family says, “come as you are” it will look like a snap shot, and the photos won’t have the level of polish that they could.

So where to start.  I like to tell people to choose a bright color then a coordinating color, and lastly a neutral or two.  I suggest keeping the bright color to a minimum.   It can be an accent piece like a necklace, a kid’s dress or jacket.  But wear mostly neutrals likes, grays, black, whites and tans if you want a timeless portrait.

For example I’ve liked:
Blues, gray and white.
Or red, blues and gray.
Or coral/pink, navy, tan and white.
Or green, navy, white and tan.
Or Yellow, navy, white and tan.

I would steer clear of all people in pastels or all white as the dominate theme.  A balanced photo need lights and darks, and if everyone is wearing something light, then we kind of loose definition and the group becomes washed out.

Don’t be afraid of patterns and textures.  You can coordinate different patterns to make a lovely interesting portrait.  I would steer clear of dressing like twins, like all the kids in the same striped shirt.

Do not choose florescent colors as your bright color.  They just do not photograph well and bounce their color off everything.  Hot pink and magenta are also hard to edit and get to look right.


Don’t forget to pay attention to shoes.  With a big group, it’s easy to forget that the neutral colors should extend to the shoes as well.  Don’t wear colorful shoes that bring attention to your feet.  I leave it up to the family if they want to take off their shoes for pictures or not.  I’m fine either way.

Ultimately these are going to be your photos so wear something you feel good in and it will come through in your photos.  And if you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear.


Coleman Family | Bear Lake Photography

For the question “What to wear?” This family’s color combination is one of my favorites.  I think it goes so well in the setting with the lake.

Light Blue

One of the photo packages I offer multi-families includes short mini sessions for all siblings along with multi-group photos.  Yes it involves a lot!

This family had eight siblings and everyone got their own set of photos.  Can you imagine all the kids and grand kids having coordinating fun photos from your vacation?

That’s what I create all summer.


(So what’s up with the background?  Well the week of their photos there were fires up north and the air was thick enough that we couldn’t see the mountains across the lake.)

Astill Family | Bear Lake reunion photography

A summer afternoon on Bear Lake.
When I meet multi-family groups, I like to get several setups of the whole group so hopefully everyone will find a favorite.
I also like to have fun with the grand kids if they are up for it.  It can be a challenge directing 15-20 kids, and sometimes the formal group shot is all we can get.

I also take traditional “Christmas Card” photos with everyone looking at the camera, but I also like to sneak in some unplanned photos that show family love.
It usually involves a bit of kissing and some “squeeze your neighbor” hugs, and hopefully some beautiful lighting.  These become my favorite photos to take.

Bear Lake in the evening about 8pm is so lovely.  The winds have died down, the water is calm, and you can’t help but feel peace from the lake.