Summer 2020

It is almost May and things are greening up here in Bear Lake. The lake is high and summer is around the corner. Local businesses are getting ready for families to come visit.

These are unique times, but I am happy to say that the Bear Lake area has zero confirmed cases of Covid 19.  We’ve had no sickness here.  (As of May 23st)

I  am available and ready to take summer family appointments.  If you want family pictures while you are vacationing at Bear Lake I offer several packages.  We can be short and quick for a few family group shots.  Or I can spend more time with you and get photos of each family unit and photos of all your groupings. I have a basic package and an extensive package for those.
We can do pictures in places where no other groups will be, we can do pictures at your vacation rental, or we can go anywhere you want around the Bear Lake area.  I have tons of ideas.  There are options to do pictures and keep distant from other groups.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions and want more information about my packages.



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  • Casey

    Beautiful Photos! Do you think North beach will be better this year or Utah side? 

  • Little Starling Photography

    They will be about the same as last year. The water level is still very high.

Who’s excited for summer at Bear Lake!

I’ve been getting inquiries for summer family photos, and I’m excited to make plans on where we will be.

I’m excited for sunsets on the beach and wet sandy feet.
I miss being there as the sun goes down and the beautiful lighting.

I’m excited for beach days with friends, and swapping goodies and stories.

I’m excited to meet new awesome clients who are celebrating their families through pictures.

And I’m excited to make new memories.  If you want to book me for your summer family photos, I’d love to hear from you.

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Family Session in the Snow- Helpful Tips

If you’ve heard of Bear Lake its most likely stories about visiting the lake in the summer.  The bright blue waters, the comfortable warm temperatures and all the fun outdoor activities to fill a whole weekend.

But Bear Lake in the winter is equally charming and beautiful.  Families come to the mountains to enjoy a warm and cozy cabin after a day on the slopes, or trail riding with snowmobiles.
Planning a photo session during a family vacation is fast becoming a favorite choice to preserve fun memories.

So if you are scheduling a winter photo session, here are some tips to help make it successful.

  1.  Dress kids warm, especially if you don’t want to wear coats for your pictures.  Have kids in layers to help keep them warm; extra shirts, thermals, wool socks.  Maybe winter hats for the little ones.  And definitely have boots on everyone to keep feet warm and dry.

2.  Consider trying small hand warmers in pockets.

3.  Plan on being quick.   Prepare the kids ahead of time that if they follow the directions of the photographer, then they will be through the session quick and back in the warm car.

4.  Have a blanket prop to warm up in.

5.  If you are wearing coats for your photos, avoid bulky ones.

6.  Keep within a color palette.    When a family says, “come as you are” it looks that way, and the photos don’t have a level of polish that they could.  I like to tell clients to pick a main color and a coordinating color, and lastly a neutral.  For example, I’ve liked red, blue and gray.  Or pinks, navy and white.  Or blue, navy and tan.
One family I photographed came with florescent yellow as the main bold color.  I would not recommend florescents.  They just don’t photograph well and they bounce their color off everything.

7. Also with snowy pictures, be aware of how much white your family is wearing.  Too much and your group will be lost with the background.  White is fine to wear, but maybe under a jacket, or as a scarf.  I find dark tones work best with snow and your family will pop.

So next time you’re in Bear Lake, consider scheduling a quick photo session, and have the beauty come home with you.

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A summer recap

With work quieting down I can finally do a Bear Lake summer recap of all the people I photographed and the places I’ve been.
What was I up to?

I met 48 groups this summer, with 29 of them just in July!  Lots of families.

I met families at the lake.


I met families in the mountains.

I met families at their rentals.


I met wedding celebrations.

And helped celebrate some 50 year wedding anniversaries.

In all I photographed over 1250 people!

A huge thank you to all my clients and families that had me be a part of their Bear Lake vacation.


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Makenna and Jacob | Bear Lake Utah Wedding

Congrats to Makenna and Jacob on their beautiful wedding.  It was a lovely day to have a Bear Lake wedding.  Guests stayed the weekend at Legacy Beach, a resort right at the lake, with plenty of room for an indoor reception, outdoor wedding and dancing by the lake.

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