Little Wild Horse Canyon

Jack’s 3rd time and Scotty’s 2nd, but the first time they will remember it’s awesomeness.

Goblin Valley
A maze of rock where Hide and Seek can last forever.





I had a blast meeting these two on a hill over looking Bear Lake.
They are so in love with each other and I think you can feel it in these photos.

“From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart shall be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.”

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There are two main ATV trails up Hodges Canyon in Garden City with a few off shoots- Richardson Trail and Hodges Trail.  In the spring time up there the wild flowers are so pretty.  Then in the fall, the yellow aspens are stunning.   At certain spots you can catch views of Bear Lake.
I wouldn’t consider them beginner trails as there are big ruts from spring run off and navigating over them can be tricky.  There are also fallen logs at spots and big rocks to navigate.

But if you are looking to take a break from being on the lake, then Hodges Canyon is a fun trip.   You get big vista views, cozy pine trails, rocks to climb, giant mud puddles, and quiet spots to stop for a snack.   I can’t wait to head out there again.

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  • Chelsea

    hi there, I love all your pictures! we are a family of 4 (two boys 3 and 5) and are visiting from ca for a week, this week. I stumbled upon your blog while searching bear lake. quick question, are these photos current and taken this april? we plan to rent a UTV this week at some point and would love to see these wildflowers. thanks so much.

This is the most common question I am asked with family groups.  And when dealing with multi-families it  can be even more complex.

Definitely give your family some guidelines.
When a family says, “come as you are” it looks too unorganized, and the photos won’t have a level of polish that they could.

I like to tell people to pick a bright color, a coordinating color, and lastly two neutrals.

For example, I love blue, gray and tan/white with the picture below.  I even love the variety of floral and patters.
I think they all go very well together and nothing stands out as too dominate.

Yellow, navy and gray/white.
I tell clients to put the bright color on the girls, but don’t over use the bright color.

Pink, navy and white/gray.
Also, I love stripes, but they should be used sparingly.  They work well in small groups, but I would avoid having lots of stripes in large multi family groups.
The eye is drawn to the stripes and therefore anyone wearing stripes will stand out.  It’s cute in these photos, but might not be desirable in a large group setting.

Coral, turquoise and white/black.

And green, navy and white/tan.

Colors to avoid: all Florescent colors.
They just don’t photograph well and bounce their color off everything.
Red also can be a difficult color as it also color casts. Red is very dominant. I would use it sparingly.
Pastels are fine as long as not everyone is wearing a pastel shirt. Your clothing needs darks and lights to help balance the portrait.

If you’re still struggling to start,
I tell people to start with something they love- a shirt or a dress, then build off that.
And keep in mind to stay away from logos and sayings on shirts that could distract from a timeless image.

Ultimately what you hang on the wall and adore day after day should capture the essence of your life and family.

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