Living in the moment

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I am leaving Roswell- that I have to leave new clients and close family and friends.
We are moving back to Utah, and starting a new adventure there.
When we first moved here, I must admit it definitely was with a heart looking back.  But I am grateful that within the 2.5 years we have been here- we lived, had fun, made new friends, strengthened family relationships.  There’s a special spot in my heart for Roswell and the good people here.

I’m grateful for the road trips, the outings, the exploring.
I’m grateful for new friends and people I’ve learned from.
I’m grateful for those who’ve loved my family and let us be a part of theirs.
I’m grateful for the stillness.
And oh so grateful for the sun!

All these things will be missed.  I am really bad at saying goodbye, and I’m quite the avoider of difficult emotions.

So to focus on good things and my last month living in Roswell, I want to live in the moment (to sound as cheesy as I can)  and take as many pictures of what I want to remember.  A picture takes a moment and keeps it from running away, and that’s my motive.  Moving day will come all too quickly.


First good thing to mention- time with cousins.
We love every visit and every saber dual.

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  • I know you must have mixed emotions and a heavy heart, but my heart is super excited!! I’m sure you will be missed down there, but you will be welcomed back here! XOXO

  • Jennifer

    Bridget I know a day didnt go by that Lauriann longed to spend time with you while she was here. I am so gratefull that god saw fit to bring her to Roswell and into my life. What a blessed friend she is to me. It is with sad heart that I happily send her back to Utah, her true home. I will miss you greatly but know this is a wonderfull thing for you and your family. For this i must be Thankfull. I love you!