Location Ideas – Fall

This is a mountain location I absolutely love. It has aspens, pines, rocky stream. And it’s just 20 minutes outside of Garden City, near Beaver Ski.  My favorite fall location. Up in the canyon, we can meet as early as 3pm.  Peak colors are mid to end of September.



This is a great spot with large pines, dirt roads, aspens and mountain views.


This is a beautiful colorful location.  To have the lake in the background we’d need to meet in the morning.  Afternoon times would face the other way and have the mountains in the background.  We would need to walk off the road and in the rough brush so I recommend boots and closed shoes.  Peak color happens end of September to early October.


This location is up a dirt road in Logan Canyon.  Plan on walking a bit and wear closed shoes.




It’s a beautiful lake up Logan Canyon. Easy to get to and worth the trip. We can park right by the lake, and there is an entrance fee of $7 per car. Late September brings yellow aspens.


I absolutely love this spot and in the fall it is beautiful.  It has a good variety of backgrounds with the aspens pines and hills. A plus is it’s close to Garden City but looks like you are clear up the mountain.  It is at its best right around sunset.




I haven’t done photos here yet, but I like the aspen trees and the tall cozy pines.  If you are willing to go further in we can get views of Bear Lake.  I recommend wearing closed toe shoes here.

The end of September and early October is peak time to find color in Bridgerland.  I like this location for the variety in fall colors mixed with the lake.  I like to meet here in the mornings about 10 or 11.

I like the grand vistas at this spot with panoramic views of Bear Lake and the west mountains. It’s the perfect location right at sunset.  As we are on the rocky mountain top, I suggest wearing solid shoes and long pants.

This is a charming small canyon near Garden City. It’s tucked in with the trees. But no view of the lake. I also highly recommend wearing long pants and closed shoes for kids. It’s a great place for fall color in late September to early October.

This location is just north of Garden City and has beautiful views of the lake and the west mountains.  I love this spot right at sunset when the sky is pink.   It’s also a great spot for variety with grassy fields, fall colored mountains, and lake views.
In the fall months I like to meet at 6pm.  Peak fall color season is at the end of September.



On the east side of Bear Lake in the early afternoon, we can catch the lake when it’s bright and blue.  This place is rocky so don’t expect a sandy beach.  There is a dock we can use too.  I like to meet families here between 2 and 4pm.  This is a Utah State park too and the day use fee is $6 per car.


With few beaches available this season, I’ve found that Rendezvous Beach is a great location in the evening and mornings.
If you want standing on the beach photos then this location works great. It is on the south end of Bear Lake and is a Utah State Park with an entrance fee of $10 per car. The parking is close and easy. For all beach locations, I don’t recommend wearing nice shoes or heals.