I’ll get pictures some day…

Lately I’ve heard several friends tell me that some day they will get family pictures.  When they loose weight.  When they aren’t so busy.   When their kid’s hair grows back.
And I understand.
But I’ve never waited.  And the main reason has been what if I die suddenly, what will my children have left of me?  What pictures will help them remember me?  Will they remember my smile?

And it wasn’t until I read this from a fellow mother and photographer, that I have a deeper reason to be in pictures with my children.  And one we all should consider.

“As Mothers of young children- we are often reminded to savor each milestone.  Embrace it all… the chaos and the joy and the mess and the measure of their tiny hands and feet.

But Mamas, what they don’t tell us is to record it all.  Write about, photograph it… and get in the frame.  You won’t remember it all.  You  think you can now… but time and years meld into one another and before you know it a hand full of years (and gray hairs) later, it all just blurs.  A beautiful blur.  But time and childhood waits for no one.  I know myself all too well.

Let your children one day see how you celebrate them.  Let them see the love in your eyes and in your embrace.  Give yourself permission to dress up and feel beautiful and frolic in the hills with them.

We don’t get do overs.

You deserve to be in these photos too.”

I LOVED that!  Let your children see how you celebrated them.  Let them see the love in your eyes through the photographs.  LOVE it!
WakefieldFamily_342_bwWakefieldFamily_324WakefieldFamily_328Photo credit goes to Kirstin Roper Photography