My Christmas baby turned 9

Oh how they’ve grown.  When we moved to Bear Lake they were two and four, not even in school.  Now they are full grown grade schoolers, happy and doing great.

Scotty, I love your long messy hair.  And I love that you love it too.  Sorry mom, I’m not going to cut it short any time soon.  Scotty, you burst with silliness and love.  You make people laugh and you make people smile.  I love that about you.

Jack, I love our time together before the bus comes.  We sit in the car and chat and I get your full attention.  9 years ago you were our Christmas baby, the best gift we had ever hoped for.   You are the first to go through things, and you have more to come.  I love being with you through it all.

Can’t wait to print these for the wall.