My goodness how the time has flewn.

How did it get so late so soon?

It’s night before it’s afternoon.

December is here before it is June.

My goodness how the time has flewn.

How did it get so late so soon?

-{Dr. Seuss}

I spent the weekend working this newborn display for Jack’s room.  Isn’t it the sweetest idea!  Found online.  Really, how did my baby grow so fast?  Or really I want to ask why?  Why do they have to grow so fast their first year?

I just loved his Christmas newborn onesie.
His hospital foot tag.
His snuggling photo while we were waiting in Idaho.
The boy and bird stamp that was used on his birth announcements.
They are fun reminders of that newborn stage that I had spent so much time preparing for.   It’s a miracle I get to have a second chance, and I’m hoping to have the time to feel prepared for this new baby too.  A lot needs to be done to get ourselves ready:

  • Baby boxes pulled out of storage.
  • Cleaning of the infant items.
  • Filling out all the adoption papers and gathering the required documents.  It’s a headache full.  A written fire escape plan.  Are you serious?
  • Adjusting our two bedroom apartment to fit a baby.
  • Stocking up on diapers and formula.
  • and I feel I can’t start until I know boy or girl!  Cause those who know me know I have clothes for both, waiting in storage.

Really, if I don’t know by the end of the month I think I’ll go mad.  Yes, I’m an organizer, a preparer and I hate waiting till the last minute to do anything.  And I could really use a positive project to be obsessed with right now.    Before Jack came, I used to sit for hours organizing his room.  Arranging all his clothes.  Deciding the best peaceful layout for his room.  Thoughtfully picking out each decor item.  Spending hours online hunting color schemes.  Designing and making his crib bedding. I scrapped my first idea, and then it took me awhile to find the softest velvety fabric in the right shade of blue-green.  I didn’t care that it was $30 a yard.  Then I ran out of brown ribbon for the ties, and couldn’t find the right shade at the stores, anywhere.  So I had to hunt down the soft brown color online.  Took me three times to get the right color.   I hunted across town to find the right chest of drawers.  I finally found the perfect one at the quilt shop at Gardner Village of all places.  It’s been the best, sturdiest chest ever.  I couldn’t decide on what his baby book should look like, so at the moment he has three. And then there was the whole bird thing.  I’m sad I couldn’t bring the decals with us.  I read enough sleep books to contradict each other’s theory.  Books on the happiest baby, what adopted kids wish their parents knew, baby food books, having a peaceful nursery.  I LOVED Jack’s nursery.  Everything came together perfectly.  Light, soft and airy.  The joy of it was all part of the anticipation.  The excitement of this new life.   And I’m anxious to get anticipating again.
Soon, please? soon.

_mg_31391(Thanks to Life In Motion for this clever idea)





And for anyone interested, I’m happy to create similar custom displays for your little one.  Just follow this link for more info.

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  • Pam Lee

    Lauriann that is such an adorable way to display all of Jack’s newborn things.

  • Aubrey Reese

    Lauri I LOVE the newborn display you made. What a cute idea for a nursery. I have been trying to find the perfect things to complete Caroline’s room and this would be great. You are such an amazing artist and photographer. Thanks for sharing.

  • I wish I had done such a novel way of clebrating the birth memories of our children. Each one was so special and are fun adults now. Thanks for sharing. Jack has been so precious. Love, Mom

  • Bridget

    I really want to do something like that once I ever unpack “that box” again…. such a good idea.