What children need- a day at North Beach

“…they need to be touched by grass, flowers, sunshine, and birdsong.  They need a pile of dirt and earthworms, clay for mud pies and dirt balls for target practice.  They need sticks and bare feet, stuffed toes too.
They need songs, stories, paints, and costumes.  And games that go on with no end.

These children are Life reaching out to discover itself.  What they touch must be vibrantly alive, that in growing they may learn to respect, to nurture, to cherish and protect, this is our task; it is urgent they thrive.

They are Hope itself, here, now, forever.”

                                                                                                                      -Heaven on Earth by Sharifa Oppenheimer

As family photography goes, few choose to have their pictures taken at North Beach.  Maybe because of the distance to get there, and the fee to use the park.
But I think it is a beautiful setting.  Clear of beach grass, and on certain days, clear of people.  🙂

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