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    I'm Lauriann Wakefield and I strive to photograph the families who hire me in an artful and authentic way.
    I serve clients in the Bear Lake Utah / Idaho area.

    I have a modern style of photography that illustrates your life, love and laughter together.
    I want to photograph you and your loved ones in beautiful natural light, interacting and having fun.

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What to wear…

This is the most common question I am asked with family groups.

 Definitely give your family some guidelines.
When a family says, “come as you are” it looks that way, and the photos don’t have a level of polish that they could.

I like to tell people to pick a bright color, a coordinating color, and lastly two neutrals.

For example, I love coral, gray and tan/white.


Yellow, black and gray/white.


Pink, navy and white/tan.



Coral, aqua and white/tan.

IMG_9939bAnd green, navy and white/tan.


Colors to avoid:  all Florescent colors.
They just don’t photograph well and bounce their color off everything.
Red also can be a difficult color as it also color casts.  Red is very dominant.  I would use it sparingly.
Pastels are fine as long as not everyone is wearing a pastel shirt.  Your clothing needs darks and lights to help balance the portrait.

If you’re still struggling to start,
I tell people to wear something they love.  Then build off that.
And keep in mind to stay away from logos and sayings on shirts that could distract from a timeless image.
Start with a fun piece of clothing, like your little one’s dress, and build from there.

Ultimately what you hang on the wall and adore day after day should capture the essence of your life and family.


Beach stories at Bear Lake

A beautiful change is coming.
This family of 4 will soon become 5, and they wanted to remember how their family love is right now.
We met at Bear Lake’s North Beach, full of fun summer memories.
I can’t wait to meet and photograph baby #3.




Keith Shaw - March 22, 2016 - 8:21 pm

wow left me breathless. i really liked the photos of you contemplating that big basketball under your dress. what would have left me even more breathlessor have seen a photo Cody contemplating a big basketball under his dress!!:) 🙂

Bear Lake’s ice piles

After the ice breaks on the lake, and after a massive Bear Lake wind storm, mounds of thick ice form on the east side.  The wind throws slab after slab of thick ice up and on top of each other.  Some stopping vertical.  If only I had video!

It’s like our ice version of Goblin Valley, exploring makes you curious what is around the next corner.  My best guess is that these mounds are 15 feet high and spread along the shore.

I think we will make climbing the ice piles our new tradition to welcome the spring equinox and warmer days.
Good bye winter ice!










Every summer has a story

Summer in Bear Lake is full of families having fun.  Getting shakes.  Soaking the sun at the beach.  Riding the trails.  And going fast on the blue water.
Most families I meet have come a long distance to gather with parents and grandparents spending their time making memories.  When I take your family pictures this summer,  I feel that every summer has a story and I want to tell yours.  I want to see what makes your story special.

I’m happy to show off what some of my clients will receive who book Package 2- their images on a flash drive delivered in this cute little box.  Your summer stories easily stored in a safe place.

To see what clients get who book Package 3- follow this  link.



I’m already booking families for summer 2016, so if you are coming to Bear Lake this year, reserve your family photo session quick and have me tell your story through photos.
Want to learn what I offer families for photography?  Contact me through the tab at the top and inquire about my packages.

I’ll be seeing you!


Bear Lake area ATV/UTV trail – Scenic backway

Scenic Backway.
That’s what it’s called on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests map.
Road 055.  Near Limber Pine Nature Trail head.
And it’s my favorite place to escape during summer and fall months.

The trail starts up near the summit on the boarder of Rich County and is open to all vehicle types.
It is gravel paved most of the way and loops around to Meadowville.

The first section borders on Bear Lake’s famous sinks.   Along the way you can take an ATV detour to Peter Sinks,  a natural sinkhole that is one of the coldest places in the United States.
Even in the summer, the bottom of the sinkhole rarely goes four consecutive days without freezing.  It is so cold near the bottom of the hole that trees are unable to grow.


Next you will enter pine lined roads.  If you wait and listen, you can hear the wind
like a wave come crashing through the limbs.  It’s cozy and remote and you feel like the only one for miles, which you probably are.



In the fall the way is scattered by patches of golden aspens.  And brief glimpses of Bear Lake.
Each golden curve makes you want to know what is around the next corner.



About half way you can detour and visit Temple Peak if you are in a RZR or 4wheeler.

Fall months bring campers and hunters.  So be cautious and stick to trails.


Just a small section at the end of the trail is rough dirt road, but my SUV handled it fine.


At the other end of the loop, the only road sign in Meadowville is a “Mountain Road” street sign.

Unfortunately the trail is closed after the first big snow fall as the entrance gets blocked by mounds of snow.  But I highly recommend hitting this route during the fall.

So next time you are in Bear Lake, check out the many trails and explore beyond the lake.