before and after

My photo editing before and after.
This is editing for one of my favorite clients.  And here is my thought process…

I cropped in to put more focus on the boys, and cropped out the background on the left that I felt didn’t need to be a part of the picture.  I saturated just a little the complimentary reds and greens.  I always pay special attention to not over saturate the blues.  A general saturation of the whole image can leave the blues too bold, too bright.  I find it looks more natural to keep them toned down.  Especially with blue jeans.  I have countless examples of my old work where the jeans are way too blue.   My favorite example is below..
I also lightened the  background to add more tonal difference between the background and foreground.  I wanted to keep the darkest tones in the front, and less contrast in the background.
Often with whites in the shadow, they get a magenta tone in them.   When I take the magenta out of the whites it looks better, at least to my eyes.
And there you have it.

Do you have a favorite photo that you would like me to edit?  Maybe the skin tone is off, colors dull, or you’d like some cloning work done.  I would love to see what I can do for you.
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Our pants are glowing!  Please don’t do this:


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