Families at Bear Lake- Meet the Balls

This is my last summer family at Bear Lake to go on the blog*, and I’m glad to end with this one.  With 12 grandchildren 4 and under, they were nervous about the outcome.  But I am thrilled with what we got, and I think they will be too.

The best tip I’ve learned this summer for multi families wanting pictures together-   Have your photo session in the morning, and have it scheduled on one of the first days you are there.
Earlier this summer, I had a mother of young children tell me they should have scheduled their photos with me earlier in the week, because the kids have had a week long of staying up late with cousins, and grumpy times, and being off nap schedules.  She thought her kids would have been better for pictures at the start of their vacation.  A great tip!


* I do have one more family on schedule here at Bear Lake, but they have opted to not have their photos online.  I give each family that option.  Although I love sharing my work and the lovely families  I meet, I understand there are very good reasons for some families to not share their images online.

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  • Jean SerfasAugust 23, 2014 - 6:17 am

    What a wonderful family. God bless you all.