Photography tip- Back light

Now that I have a bigger kitchen, I’m thrilled that I can continue on something my mother did for her babies.  In her kitchen, one of the bottom drawers was filled with toys.   Especially useful to entertain little ones while making dinner.   That toy drawer was in my mother’s kitchen even to entertain grandbabies.  I’ve found it to be an invaluable idea.

Today I discovered Jack playing in our toy drawer, and while this is an illustrative picture, it could be better.

By simply going to the opposite side, so that my subject is back lit by the window, makes for a more interesting photo.   I also squatted closer to the floor to focus on the glare and shadows on the tile.   And since this is a photo about our kitchen toy drawer, I have no problem cropping part of Jack out, which puts the focus on the toys and where they came from.
Illustrative and interesting.


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