Summer at Bear Lake

It is almost May and things are greening up here in Bear Lake. The lake is high and summer is around the corner. Local businesses are getting ready for families to come visit.

I  am available and ready to take summer family appointments.  If you want family pictures while you are vacationing at Bear Lake I offer several packages.  We can be short and quick for a few family group shots.  Or I can spend more time with you and get photos of each family unit and photos of all your groupings. I have a basic package and an extensive package for those.
We can do pictures in places where no other groups will be, we can do pictures at your vacation rental, or we can go anywhere you want around the Bear Lake area.  I have tons of ideas.  There are options to do pictures and keep distant from other groups.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions and want more information about my packages.