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Family Adventure Photography | Moab Utah

Multi-Family camp out in Moab. Dirt boogers. Fear of heights. Flaming pumpkins. Helmet hair and sandy socks. Training the next generation of riders.  And no one got hurt!

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The Stockings

Oh those colors! This is Bear Lake in the fall and right now it’s full of golden hues surrounding the blue lake. So beautiful. It’s UEA weekend here in Bear Lake and I can’t think of a better place to hit with your family.  

Photo-a-day | day 27

Day 27. Story behind the photo: Me-  driving by and notice the awesome shadows from the trees. “Scotty, I’ll give you a sucker if you let me take your picture here. Don’t give me a fake smile.” {Photo-a-Day Project: A project I undertake every year for an entire month to share one photo a day…

Sunset on the beach

The Bear Lake beaches are calling, and I’m satisfied to see the snow melt early.  The boys like to dig and splash, find treasured rocks and sword sticks. This summer I want to explore the beach more with clients because I think the beach is a big part of why they vacation here and come…