The Wakefields Photographed

I like this description I found the other day.
“There is something great about having a family photo taken every year by someone who knows what they are doing, is professional, makes it their passion and their craft and honestly lives for bringing out the best in you and your family through the lens.  Natural lighting, creative posing, making sure your hair isn’t crazy, patience, etc.”

This is what I love doing, and I love having it done for us.  I hope each year I can have our family examined by an artist behind the lens who will create memorable photographs of what our family is like right now.   And when I first saw Kiera’s work I immediately wanted her to do our family pictures.  I think I was coveting at the time.    I wanted something more than just your typical family group shot and Kiera came through.  So with having the hardest time narrowing down my favorites (because they’re all so good) here is what you have to see:







This is Jack’s life with his dad, full of fun and play.  Less than a second is all it took to love as an instant favorite.  🙂



I told Kiera I wanted to bring Jack’s dinosaurs as he’s just begun to be very interested in them, and I love that she picked this rock for the spot.  Perfect.  When Jack first saw these photos, he had the biggest grin on his face, he remembered the rock and pretended to climb it again.  Then gave me a big hug.  What more could a mommy want.



And the more I see this one the more I love it.  So glad Kiera said to lean into Jack, I love how Scott is looking at us and I love his little babyness.  I love Perry’s smile and how much he loves his boys



Scott is so cute.  Love love love this one.



I kept tickling his back to get him to laugh.



I can’t help but be in love with this setting.   And we were so lucky to have picked this day.  A few days later it was sooooo cold, and a week later this was covered in snow.  we had just enough sun and just enough color.


Scott is ever aware of his big brother, and lights up when he comes around. The magic relationship of brother is so fun to see grow.



I had set Scott down to whip out my camera while Kiera was busy with Jack and Perry.  I wanted to respect her time with us and not have my camera interfere.  She was awesome to let me bring it.  I wanted to get pictures of her with our family, some behind the scene shots.  And I love how Scott studdied the grass and was so content just being there.  And baby cheeks, what more can I say.





The four of us, quite unique. I love Jack’s little head at the front of the line.



And proof to me that I shouldn’t cut my hair anytime soon.


I could keep going but you might as well jump over here to see more.


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  • omg! these are so awesome!!! you have such a gorgeous family!

  • Heather

    Your family is so beautiful and these pictures are fantastic! I loved the dinosaur pictures — the dinosaur phase has been one of my favorites that Max has gone through.

    And the quote at the beginning — I can totally relate. It is nice to have a photographer like that! 🙂

  • I cant thank you enough for this synopsis. You have encouraged me beyond words. 🙂