Ivy {Storytelling Photography Session}

Storytelling sessions-  They are 100% pure, candid lifestyle.  A real slice of your life as it is right now.
A record of the details, and with newborns, those details change so fast.  How quickly they go from fitting on your lap, to jumping on the couch.  How I wish I had someone come into our home during those early days with my sons and take pictures.  It was such a complete change from my working girl lifestyle to raising a baby, that I’d love to revisit the early days.
If you are interested in booking a Storytelling Session just click the contact button.

I look forward to telling your story.






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  • BridgetJanuary 15, 2012 - 9:26 pm

    Darling, darling, darling!! And look at all of her sweet hair! Precious pictures.