Photo-a-day: Day 1

Photo-a-Day Project:
{A personal project that I’m starting, to take a photo a day of my children for the whole month of January.}

I welcome a new year, and am eager to forget the hard things felt in 2012.
I want to start the year out by exploring the ordinary.  I want to become better at seeing it, and illustrating its beauty.

Long term- this will be the year of…
no more diapers.
not having to schedule my day around naps.
loosing my muffin top.
letting go-  of new baby dreams, of old hurts, of missed opportunities.
building an online business.
spending more time with my sisters. (can’t wait to have another shopping trip!)
sending my first to kindergarten.
trading in my 10 year old Honda for a fancy snow loving vehicle.
being able to shop with just one child to keep track of.  (a luxury for those who’ve been there.)
May 2013 be our lucky happy year.

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