The Reunion

Once there were 9 high school friends, silly teenagers that liked to hang out, hike and have fun.  Oh and they liked to eat too.
They graduated high school, scattered off to college, got married and eventually all became mothers.  Years passed and these 9 friends had dispersed throughout the states, busy with family life.
Then the youngest was turning 40, and the 9 girls came together for an epic weekend to share long ago memories and rekindle what made them friends.

Back then none of us owned a cell phone, or email, and cameras were only film.
So one of the fun things to see us do was be on our smart phones texting our kids,  and selfies, and Instagram, all the things we never had as teenagers.

Gratitude  has been on my mind lately, and I’m so grateful these gals are back in my life.  I don’t think we had any idea how much we needed each other.  I’m so grateful for the tech that lets us chat every day even though we live so far apart.  I’m so grateful for their advice.  I’m so grateful to get to know their kids, and what their struggles have been these past 20 years.   I’m so grateful to hear their life lessons, their strength in trials, and their love for Jesus Christ.  I’m so grateful to know they have kept the faith.   And I can’t imagine my life without them now.

And I’m so grateful to hear “Good morning ladies!” on my Voxer app.
So Amy, Rox, Steph, Teri, Julie, Jessica, Heather and Lori, I will love you forever.


From our trip last year, here are some of my favorites.   And as usual, I wish I had taken more pictures.  🙂

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  • MomNovember 8, 2016 - 11:02 am

    How blessed you are to have this wonderful association with your friends! They look so happy and beautiful. You, Laurie, are the best, of course I’m biased. Love, Mom