What if the weather turns bad

Summer at Bear Lake is full of families gathering for fun in the sun.  Family pictures are a great idea for reunions and I meet lots of families all summer long.  Most of the time we have great weather and all goes well.  But there is always a chance that winds or rain might join our scheduled time together.

So what do I do when the weather turns bad for our photo session?

For one summer family, we had pictures scheduled in the afternoon, but the weather forecast showed a rain storm hitting in the afternoon too.  We decided to reschedule our time a few hours sooner and photos went great with no weather problems.  I am usually flexible with time and can meet clients sooner or later than planned if we need to beat or wait out a rain storm.


But sometimes the winds pick up and waiting out the storm isn’t an option.
A great backup plan for bad weather is doing pictures at your cabin.  If we don’t have the option to reschedule or delay our meeting time, we can gather in large living areas.  It may not be the outdoor vision we had planned for, but we are still able to get photos of all your family gathered.

Another option to bad weather is to just join it and have fun making memories.   About 2/3 through our photo session, the rain started to lightly fall.  This family did great in staying positive in-spite of the rain.

And sometimes the famous Bear Lake breeze wants to join our photo session.  This is another case of just joining it.  I do what I can to edit hair, but sometimes the breeze adds a layer of loveliness.

But the majority of the families I meet have lovely sunny days and no weather problems.  That’s what is nice about July and August at Bear Lake.   But rest assured we do have options for backup plans.