What to wear…

This is the most common question I am asked with family groups.

 Definitely give your family some guidelines.
When a family says, “come as you are” it looks that way, and the photos don’t have a level of polish that they could.

I like to tell people to pick a bright color, a coordinating color, and lastly two neutrals.

For example, I love coral, gray and tan/white.


Yellow, black and gray/white.


Pink, navy and white/tan.



Coral, aqua and white/tan.

IMG_9939bAnd green, navy and white/tan.


Colors to avoid:  all Florescent colors.
They just don’t photograph well and bounce their color off everything.
Red also can be a difficult color as it also color casts.  Red is very dominant.  I would use it sparingly.
Pastels are fine as long as not everyone is wearing a pastel shirt.  Your clothing needs darks and lights to help balance the portrait.

If you’re still struggling to start,
I tell people to wear something they love.  Then build off that.
And keep in mind to stay away from logos and sayings on shirts that could distract from a timeless image.
Start with a fun piece of clothing, like your little one’s dress, and build from there.

Ultimately what you hang on the wall and adore day after day should capture the essence of your life and family.

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