What to wear

What to wear-  the often asked question.
Here are my thoughts from our latest family photos.

This was really last minute, and not obsessed about for weeks and days, which I have done in the past, but I think it illustrates a good balance.

First, I went with what Perry was wearing as I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled if I asked him to change.   So I based the rest off of him.  I know starting is often the hardest part,  and deciding who wears what first.
I had wanted to wear my white skirt that I love, so I paired it with my red shoes to tie in with Perry.  I put Jack in a black shirt to connect with what I was wearing.  He doesn’t look too well in a red shirt, and I think any red on him would have been too much in the photo.   On Scotty, I put a bright red shirt, because my number one rule is to have the youngest be in the brightest colors.
So that’s how I pieced us together to look like we match, but not be too much of the same.  I’d have to say, it’s best to stay away from everyone in the same color or type of clothing.  My favorite “Don’t do” example is below.  And I can put it here as I’m in the photo somewhere lost in the blue.




“Don’t Do”


  • What I love is that Kendall doesn’t have a date…that is Kendall right? And who is Amy kissing?

    I love the family picture! I didn’t give up on using one of your pictures…I just put that project on the back burner for a little while.

  • Little Starling Photography

    I think you’re right, I can’t seem to pare Kendall with anyone. lol
    Amy is kissing Nathan Ringer. And fun how Dave and Heather did get married. And poor Roxane, I didn’t crop her out of the picture, that’s how it was taken. I’m tempted to link everyone on Facebook.

  • Greg

    Disagree. What the world needs is more denim. That picture = classic. Think of all the coordination that had to take place to get everyone to look that awesome. Sweet.

  • Hahahahahahahaha! I love the sea of denim!
    I think next time we have pictures I’ll have you pick out all of our outfits. I struggle. 😀

  • britt

    So I have to say, the top picture= soooo cute, and the bottom picture is 100% pure awesomeness. 🙂