Why meet in the evening? | Bear Lake Multi-Family Photography

Now after discussing why we should meet in the morning, I also want to list the benefits of meeting in the evening as I do love photographing near sunset.

Why meet in the evening?

1- The beautiful glowing light.  I love the mood, I love the feel of it.  I love how the air feels quiet, and settled.  The evening is a peaceful time and sets the mood for the session.
If we’re meeting at the lake, the water glimmers at sunset and it’s lovely visually.

2- Another good reason to meet in the evening is there are fewer people on the beach the later we meet.  People who’ve been there all day have gone home for dinner.
Which means less people I have to clone out of the background.  And less people watching us.  lol

3- If the wind is gusting then the later we meet the better chance it will die down.
Both these groups had wind problems at the time of our appointment, so we met an hour later and it worked great.


4- After sunset we can meet in the shadow of the mountains and avoid the heat of the day. This gives us consistent lighting, no surprises and we’ll have soft even tones on the faces.
This is great for groups that don’t want to be in the sunlight.

So if your group doesn’t mind being out late, or if your group wants a specific look to the photos, then evening sessions can give us some beautiful results.

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